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Business Card Image

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Business Card Image

I use a software called Cardiris that captures business card information and allow for an import to Act 2008.  The software also captures the image.  Does anyone know how I can keep this image with a contact record?




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Re: Business Card Image

Add an image field to your layout somewhere and insert it there.


Click on Tools|Define Fields

In the new window click on "create new field"  and name it. make sure to select "picture" as the type.


Next go to your layout editor under  Tools|Design Layouts|Contacts  and add the new field to your layout


Now you can add that business card image to your database


Matt Pulsts
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Re: Business Card Image



I am using WorldCard Color Scanner and it's software. I maneged to add a picture field to the contact layout.

The picture of the scanned card it automaticalli inserted into this field.

But here is the problem:

The scan is don with 300dpi, this is necessary for the good caracter recognition.

So the picture file is big, it does not fit into my picture filed.

I olny see the top left corner of the scanned card in the picture field.

Is there a way, to fit the picture into the picture field ?



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Re: Business Card Image

If you change the properties in the layout editor to Centre or Stretch image this should solve your problem of it being too large
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Re: Business Card Image

Yes, worked out just fine, thank you very much !