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Bulk reformat of email addresses.

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Bulk reformat of email addresses.

Hi, folks!


Using ACT v16 on a local drive, Window 7, approximatelt 15,000 records


I;ve been using ACT! since it was a DOS program, and early on I got in the habit of formating my entries into the email address field as: 

"John Doe"<> .


I also was not a fan of Outlook, and so avoided using it in favor of Eudora for many years.


Hoever, due to the death of a computer and the lack of open-source support of Eudora, I finally swallowed my pride and made the switch.


However, either ACT  or Outlook doen't recognize my formatting as a "valid email address". I can manually paste it into Outlook, and it works fine. But for it to automatically propogate from ACT to Outlook, it must be in trhe raw state of...   .


Is there a rapid way of reformating these addresses to eliminate the extraneous content? I've used the "Find & Replace" tools in Excel to do this when I was exporting the list to a commercial newsletter mailer, and I can do that again, but then I need to accurately re-import the email addresses to the correct contacts. 


And while I'm sure somebody will suggest some "add-on" that will do the job, (at a cost of twice the core program), I would hope that this type of problem could be handled within ACT! itself.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


Pat Lekawa

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Re: Bulk reformat of email addresses.

thats bad mate! hope that yout type of problem could be handled within ACT!