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Bulk change e-mail domain?

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Bulk change e-mail domain?

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Recently a company I deal with regularly changed its domain from to I have hundreds of contacts at this company. Is there a way I can bulk change to Using Act! 2012 and not interested in buying addons.



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Re: Bulk change e-mail domain?

There is not a way to do this in Act! itself. However, you can use Act! to export just that list of contacts to Excel, do a find and replace in Excel based off of the domain name, and then reimport it into the act database. A couple of things you would want to do before doing this:


  • Make sure that you create a backup of your database before hand
  • Make sure that your duplicate checking settings do not contain the e-mail address for this import, as the e-mail address will be different when you reimport, which will cause duplicates
  • Make sure that the excel file contains only the email address field and any fields you use to duplicate check on before you import the names back in
  • Make sure that you choose the custom import option, and specify the merge options to replace with source contact


For more information on duplicate checking and exporting and importing into excel see the Knowledgebase articles below:


How To Set Duplicate Checking Preferences in Sage ACT!

How to Export Act! Data to Microsoft® Excel®

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