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Bugs while syncing ACT with Palm Pre/ webOS via CompanionLink Express (USB cable)

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Bugs while syncing ACT with Palm Pre/ webOS via CompanionLink Express (USB cable)

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I just want to collect here some bugs that happen when you sync your ACT database with CompanionLink Express for the Palm Pre or other Palm devices which use webOS. This is the option to sync with a USB cable only, NOT via Google or Outlook or Palm Desktop Software etc.


First of all make sure that you are using the right software components of CompanionLink. There has been a lot of confusion in another thread here because the description on the CL site is not really guiding ACT users in the right direction. So I describe here what kind of settings I used so that it works and what kind of bugs are still there or which feature should be improved


What you need /what I used is the following (as of 2009/12/8) :


1. Palm Pre (with webOS version 1.3.1, language setting English)

2. ACT 2010 (ACT! by Sage 2010 Version 12.0.409.0, Hotfix 3, English)

3. CompanionLink Express 3.0 (Build 3082)

4. CL USB Sync™ app on your Palm Pre phone (version 1.2.0, available from the Palm App Catalog)

5. Micro-USB cable (to connect the Palm Pre with your computer)


Forget all other descriptions on the CompanionLink site. They are either not meant for a sync with ACT (they are for syncing with OTHER software, although this is not explicitely written there Smiley Wink  ) or they are not meant for a sync over the Micro-USB cable.


After you installed all needed software check all needed settings within CL Express. Then launch on your Palm Pre the app CL USB Sync™. After that plugin in a Micro USB cable in your Palm Pre and then in your computer. 3 options get displayed. Click on "USB drive" in the middle.


After your computer recognized the Palm Pre, click on your Palm Pre within the CL USB Sync™ on "Sync". The first sync will take very long, depending on how many contacts you have. I have around 4.000 contacts plus calendar, plus notes... In the first sync, it took me almost 2 hours Smiley Sad


The good news is: After this first sync, all next ones will take between seconds and a few minutes, depending on how many changes there have been inbetween. Syncing is always in 2 steps. Both steps are needed. First you start with a sync on your computer. After this is done, you disconnect the USB cable and click then on "Sync" on your Palm Pre within the CL USB Sync™ app.


Well, beside this description, most of you might be interested in the limitations/bugs of this new Palm webOS system-sync and how well it is done compared to the old syncing with i.e. a Palm TX or Palm III or Palm V, which all use the old Palm OS operating system.


There are differences. The new sync process is not yet able to make it as convenient as the old one in several ways. Please bear in mind, that i used over the last 2 years only the Sage-Palm syncer for my TX. My old CL times are still from my time with CL Express 2 and my Palm V, so a comparison would not be fair.


So what is different and where are the bugs?


1. With CL Express 3, the two way sync to webOS does not work properly.


a) Notes will be synced both ways. But the time stamp of notes written on the Palm Pre (PP) will be the time of the sync, not the time of the writing. I do not know whether this is a bug or whether this is a limitation of the PP software. Maybe webOS does not support time stamps within notes at all.


b) Core data will not be synced both ways at all. I.e. phone numbers or company name. Only from Computer to PP, not the other way around! So if you change data of the core fields within your contacts on your PP, they will be overwritten again on the next sync from the old data of ACT. This is IMHO a bug and should be fixed asap.


c) A kind of similar problem with entries in the calendar of the PP. They will not be overwritten from old ACT data, but they do not appear in ACT although still visible on the PP. (I tried entering events with the marking CL USB and with no marking).



2.  All activities have the same colour on the PP


In ACT you have different colours for calls, for meetings and for To Do's. After a sync, all activities have the same colour on the PP. So it is impossible to see i.e. in a weekly overview, what is a meeting and what a call. This is IMHO a very important differentiation to make the working life easier. The PP supports different colours for different activities.So I do not understand why CL Express is not using this at all while syncing.



3. Contact names missing in the Calendar overview for the activities.


No matter whether you are in the daily view, weekly view or monthly view, the contact's person name is not visible directly. You have first to click on the activity to be able to see which contact this is regarding. This is different with my old TX sync results. There I saw (without typing in the regarding field) automatically, which person this activity is for (i.e. a call). This should be fixed. The information is already there, otherwise it would not appear when clicking on the activity on the PP. So it is just a question of how to display it and when. It is an increase in productivity, if you can see this immediately without beeing forced to write additional notes within ACT.


This is the case for calls, meetings and to do's.



Apart from the above mentioned bugs, I am happy with this sync solution. With USB sync I have data protection and privacy for my business contacts. The sync is fast and except for the above points also reliable. CL Express is cheap (39 USD), so no hurdle compared to other solutions.


And I can use again a Palm device. The Palm Pre has some advantages over the Apple iphone and over the Blackberry Bold just as a device. Looking at the possibility to sync your ACT database with a handheld/smartphone, this advantage becomes even bigger, because sync options with Apple's Iphone are inferior (Outlook restrictions) or even worse: syncing with the cloud, which has inherent huge data protection risks for your clients.


So as soon as CompanionLink is fixing these mentioned problems, it is a perfect world again Smiley Happy

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Re: Bugs while syncing ACT with Palm Pre/ webOS via CompanionLink Express (USB cable)

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I forwarded this list to Companionlink. They will now test a few things and in case they detect the same bugs we will get hopefully soon fixes with a new CL built version. The notes sync issue (see #1a) will not change very soon. According to CL, "...this is always the way CL works."


Regarding #2 (different colours for calls, meetings and to do in the PP calendar), they wrote


"this is not supported at this time.  We will evaluate colors for a future update."



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Re: Bugs while syncing ACT with Palm Pre/ webOS via CompanionLink Express (USB cable)

I have a client that is using ACT 2009 he has the Palm Pre Plus phone.  The problem is that when I connect the USB cable the phone does not sync.  I get a messge on the computer that says please connect the palm pre direct via usb cable and click ok (which is what I did) i then get the message that the synchronization did not complete.  What am I missing or doing wron?


Thank You