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Brand new ACT! user needs guidance on priorities

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Brand new ACT! user needs guidance on priorities

Let me explain my circumstances and then I'll conclude with a few what I hope are simple questions. If you have advice on any one of them, I'll receive it gladly.


I run a small educational not for profit research institute that keeps the need for donations down through consulting and product sales. Over the last ten years I've built up a rather significant clientele and a growing number of customers. As a result, I need a higher powered client/customer management tool, and ACT seems to be just the thing.


I love the opportunities and activities features in particular.


So now I'm needing to link my ACT! program to Outlook and that means building a database with groups and sub-groups, setting up my history preferences and making the best use of it, linking calendars, and building opportunities and activies.


Here are my specific start-up questions;

  1. Should I develop all the user defined fields in the contact list before I synch with Outlook to fill in my database (I have about 1300 entries)?
  2. If so, what fields do some of you use that you would recommend to me?
  3. Do you use the fields pretty much as they are given to you, or do you alter them? For example, how useful is the ID/Status drop down menu as is? 
  4. What activity series have you developed or found to be particularly useful?
  5. Do you prefer to use the ACT! or Outlook Word processor?
  6. Is there anything you regret ommitting or committing when you first got started?

I'm sure I'll have more detailed questions as I proceed, but those are the ones that make me a little hesitant before running ahead too fast.


Thanks for your help!



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Re: Brand new ACT! user needs guidance on priorities