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Birth date shifting one day back

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Birth date shifting one day back

We have an issue where after a new contact is entered and their birth date is entered and saved, the other user in the office opens that contact and the birth date is one day behind.  


We have triple checked the time zones, time, date, etc of both workstations.  They are exactly the same.


Here is the one difference:  The user that enters the birth date is using a Windows 8 workstation and ACT 12.1.181 HF1.   The user opening the database and seeing the incorrect date is Windows 7 Pro and ACT 12.0.409 HF4.


If the Windows 7 Pro with ACT 12.0.409 enters the date, it looks correct in both workstations.  It's only when the Win 8 with ACT 12.1.181 enters the date when it appears wrong on the Windows 7 workstation.


The Calendars are the same it's only this particular field.  


Should I upgrade the Windows 7 to 12.1.181 HF1?  And if yes, where can I find that link?  If it's something else, please let me know.


Thank you.

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Re: Birth date shifting one day back

I would start by updating them to the same version or updating them to a later version if there is one.  If you're still having the issue after you do that post back.


Here is a link to get the latest updates.



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