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Big red crosses and 'Buffer' error message ?

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Big red crosses and 'Buffer' error message ?



I have been using act for 18 months now and regularly experience some big red crosses spanning dialogue boxes and screen layouts with a Buffer error message. It can happen at any time and during any function, but always appears when i carry out a number of outgoing emails.


I have tried ACT help but they say its a known problem which is logged for attention in the US.


I dont belive this software has such a basic and fundamental problem and is sold by the manufacturer with a known fault. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix that you know of?







Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Big red crosses and 'Buffer' error message ?

Most likely a case of depleted system resources. It  could be a hardware or configuration problem.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Big red crosses and 'Buffer' error message ?

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Hey fellas,

i had the exact same problem occur yesterday when customizing my tabs. not only did the same crosses and buffer message appear on my screen, but ALL of my tabs disappeared!!!! i have tried to fix it according to the link on this blog by checking my DPI and it's fine. i also used the information in the link referring to changing the contact splitter. When i enter contactsplitterpos in the note pad i get an error message that says it can't find it!!?? Any ideas on how to remedy this situation would be greatly appreciated! i am about to pul my hair out!!







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