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Best way to import new contacts into an existing ACT! DB

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Best way to import new contacts into an existing ACT! DB

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2020 Act! v22 on two (non-networked) e.g, 1 laptop and 1 desktop. Anticipated volume is ~100 new contacts a month- only one user.  No need for it to sync in real time. Standalone- non-cloud install.


What is the best way to make sure the two non-networked computers (Win 10) both have the exact same contacts on roughly a monthly basis?


I heard you can find the most recent updates e..g., 100 new contacts (sorted by create date), e.g., on a laptop (A) make a CSV file, then import to database"B" (desktop.) 


Option 2., use a network connect and set up a DB Restore, then via a network, do a 2-way sync? 


Is there a 3rd option I am missing?


Which of the methods above do you recommend- the goal is to keep it simple, and not corrupt the database or start to have any issues.  If it matters, Outlook will not be set up in Act!


Technically, I probably could connect to some type of network but would prefer not to and definitely do not want to rely on having both machines running all the time (e.g., trying to use one as a server.)  This is not a large company, sharing data across many users.  Low volume, simple mirror type back-ups is all I am looking for.  I also don't want to have to click "Duplicate Contact" 100 times.  I want it to somehow know.  I'm guessing the CSV tranfer is probably the way to go but I figured you all would know better.