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Best smart phone - not blackberry - syncing ACT/phone/QBs/email

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Best smart phone - not blackberry - syncing ACT/phone/QBs/email

I am upgrading from act 6 and a palm treo to new everything - act 2011, smartphone, quickbooks v???, windows 7 and syncing software. I currently have ACT! 6, Windows Vista, no quickbooks and Office 2007 (which I won't be upgrading unless absofrickin' lutely necessary.)

My goal is to have all these things talk to each other as seamlessly as possible. I am away from my laptop most of the day so need as much consistency as possible between the laptop and smartphone for all information on my clients (docs, invoicing, calendaring, emails) My laptop is the device on which I complete much of my content work (proposals, authoring, etc.) so I can physically sync the laptop and phone pretty much everyday. I'd prefer not to move to the cloud just yet - too many bugs.

I've reviewed the postings about droid syncing but most are early 2010 and I wonder what updates have passed muster.

I'd also like to be smart budget wise. I would consider mac or iphone options but I'm not changing my OS/laptop - just bought  it.

I am seeking recommendations for specific devices, software and online resources for tech and moral support. I  do not want long treatises on trials and tribulations getting to those specific recommendations. I would appreciate links to those treatises if they exist.

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Re: Best smart phone - not blackberry - syncing ACT/phone/QBs/email

I did this comparison of all the smart phone links for ACT! a while back:

Currently Handheld Contact is tops on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) as well as Blackberry (Android due in a few months)