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Best practices for periodic reminders?

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Best practices for periodic reminders?

I have organized my contacts by my inteded frequency of catch-up calls, e.g. monthy, yearly, etc.  What is the proper way to remind myself that I haven't called contacts in an acceptable interval?  Should I produce a report, repeating task, etc.?



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Re: Best practices for periodic reminders?

Isn't this the perfect use of "Smart Tasks"?


It can monitor things like emails sent and no activity after X time schedules you an Activity.

This assumes Act's email functionality is working which seems to be a 50/50 depending on if you catch it failed or working.


I've also fallen in love with "Smart Notes".   Or anything sold by Jim Durkin....




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Re: Best practices for periodic reminders?

You might also consider creating dynamic groups that are driven by the system field:  Last Reach.  This field is a date field that gets updated when you complete a scheduled activity in the affirmative -i.e. - you did complete a phone call or a meeting was held, etc.


You could create groups based upon differing time frames if you needed.


The cool thing is that you call through them/meet with them, when you update ACT!, they will be removed from the appropriate groups as they are updated...