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Best practice for new data import and immediate export

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Best practice for new data import and immediate export

Hi Everyone!


I work in real estate. My database contains data that is compiled from public record spreadsheets I get for specific property type parameters. 


My specific question is that I have a current spreadsheet that contains property data for a city. My database already contains a lot of records from this same spreadsheet, which was from a spreadsheet I imported in the past.


I'd like to import this new spreadsheet...Whatever duplicates there are, I would like to keep the original record...whatever records from this new list that I didn't already have I would like to export back out in full.


My need is that before I officially import my spreadsheet I have an analyst in my office search each record for contact information which is added to the spreadsheet. This new data set may have 500 records, but I already have the contact information for half of them.


Perhaps there is a better way to accomplish this. 


I hope this makes sense. Let me know if I can help explain this more. Appreciate any input here from the community. 

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Re: Best practice for new data import and immediate export

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Before playing with importing and exporting data, I recommend backing up your database.


The easiest way to achieve what you're looking for would be to first do a custom import from File > Import. Set Excel as the file type, choose custom import and make sure duplicate checking is set to match the records you know are already in the spreadsheet.




Continue through, and on the merge options page (8 of 10) set the contact merge options to "Do Not Change" for matching records and "Add" for records that don't match.




Once the import is complete, you will have brought ONLY the records that are new into the database while the records that already existed should be unaffected.


Now you can perform a lookup of the data - by import date (Lookup > Other Fields > Import Date)





This will give you a lookup of all data that has imported (so just the new records).


From here, you can then re-export the data then delete it, or whatever you would like to do with it.


Hope this helps.