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Best method for adding to a list of strings

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Best method for adding to a list of strings

Not a programmer, therefore I don't know where to being to look for this answer if already asked/answered.  I just installed Act! and want to customize it a bit to work with my IT consulting company. 
I want to create a tab...(I got that far Smiley Happy)  I want to have a list of server names that a client of mine may have.  So I want to create a field called Server name, along with other variables like role, ip address, etc and each time I finish filling out the information for one server another line is added that seeks the next record.
Also I want to do the same for IP addresses at particular clients.  Is there a way to validate the IP address as "<254.<254.<254.<254"
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Best method for adding to a list of strings

You can create fields with a Drop-Down and multi-select as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
Also on that article, you can define a field format as ###.###.###.###
While it won't full validate (will allow 255 and higher), it will at least force the format. To provide full validation would requre and add-on or a programmer.