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Best Way To Build Data Base(s)

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Best Way To Build Data Base(s)

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Sage Act Pro 2012  I am very new to Act and need to set up my data base(s).   I am reading about static vs dynamic and groups and having a hard time determine how to set up my data base(s).  I am going to describe how I will use the data base and ask for advise on how to set up, Should I use one data base with groups or multiple data bases and why?


I want to use Act to manage large mailing lists with the following criteria:

1) I have 7 categories, category 1, category 2...

2) The data will mostly be imported form Excel spread sheets

3) Within each category I need to determine which in a series of letters or post cards need to be mailed based on last date

     mailed and what the previous letter was.  In other words each category will get new contacts each week and start with

     letter 1 then letter 2 after a month, then letter 3 after 6 weeks...  So on any give week I may be sending letter 1 to new  

    contacts, letter 2 to some, letter 3 to some and so on. 

4)  I need to be able to move a contact form one category to another

5) Need to be able to search all the categories with one inquiry.  For example I need to find john smith searching all 7



Thank You in advance

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Re: Best Way To Build Data Base(s)

Hello Gary,
Welcome to the Sage ACT! Community. All of the points you listed can be done using a single ACT! database, by using dynamic group criteria and look ups within ACT!.

Greig Hollister

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Re: Best Way To Build Data Base(s)

I woudl consider using tick boxes and dynamic groups that when you untick it moves them out of the group and when it is ticked they become part of the group

Paul Buchtmann Australia
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