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Best Solution for Old Contacts?

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Best Solution for Old Contacts?

I recently re-purchased ACT (3rd time since 1990s)..


My specific Issue:   I am a bit of a "pack-rat" and ACT has imported a rather large number of old contacts that I had put in an folder titled "Inactive" within Outlook.


I have resigned myself to the fact  that I may need to manually sort through these again.  However, Barring deleting these items entirely - what would be your best suggestion for managing them?


My limited (recent) ACT experience suggests that I could Tag them in ID/Status or put them in a group..but this would still leave them in my primary database...My other thought is to create a new database just for these contacts, but I am not sure how to do this.


All suggestions are appreciated.  Thank You

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Re: Best Solution for Old Contacts?

If you don't plan on contacting them again then I'd create a new folder (File/New....) and export them there (File/Export...)


I've changed jobs enough that I've amassed a large number of contacts, undoubtably hundreds are no longer valid.  I have a Master database that all of them get put into.  In a new job I extract the ones from the Master database into a daily working database I want to contact, and basically never go into the Master database again.  Those that end up being dead ends either get deleted or, if they are still valid addresses but not valid prospects I put back into the Master database.  When I leave a sales job (its been happening a lot the last three years unfortunantly) I trabsfer my working database into my Master database and start all over again in th enext job.


You have a chore ahead of you to sort through all this stuff, i suppose.  Hopefully there are some common items, such as state or date of last edit that can help you validate everything 


You could also consider doing a mass email to everyone letting them know where you are now.  At least you'll have bounced email addresses as a place to start whittling things down.