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Best Practices: Prior company affiliations

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Best Practices: Prior company affiliations

Currently I am linking my contacts to companies, which is very nice because it also makes the company names uniform, though annoying because divisions are not inherited by their umbrella company (e.g. MorganStanley Smith Barney is owned by Citigroup, but when I click on Citigroup's Company Contacts tab, I only see members of Citigroup, not the members of the Citigroup Division MorganStanley Smith Barney).


Anyway, I also would like to keep track of prior affilations, e.g. if JB were a former trustee of BigCo, certainly that is a relevant item and should not be wiped away by linking him to Moneybags&Sons.  But if I link JB ot Moneybags&Sons, and then "add" him to BigCo, he only appears in the Contact list for BigCo and not Moneybags&Sons.


What is the proper way to affiliate JB with both BigCo and Moneybags&Sons, while keeping his company name Moneybags&Sons.


More importantly, what is the best way to achieve a history of former corporate affiliations?




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Re: Best Practices: Prior company affiliations

Depending on how you are linking the contact(s) with Companies, you will be able to attach a contact to multiple Companies and have the contact appear in the Company contact list.


For your situation, the following may work:

1. On Contact detail screen: Link contact A to 'Moneybags & Son' by clicking on box with 3 dots next to company name field.

You will see the Company name populated and highlighted in blue (denotes Linked contact).

2. On Company detail screen: viewing second Company > contacts tab > Add/Remove Contacts option.  Using the Static connection (or Dynmaic criteria) attach contact A.


This will not 'un-link' from the Company in step 1, and will attach the contact to the second Company.  A contact can be Attached to multiple Companies, but only Linked to one.

Greg Martin
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Re: Best Practices: Prior company affiliations

That is a bit of a tricky one...


How do you need to "consume" this "past affiliations" info?


Just on the contact screen - in history and/or on the Groups/Company tab?  Or do you need to print something out?


Do you need to see it from both the Company side and the contact side?