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Beginner questions

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Beginner questions

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I am interested in using ACT! in a very basic manner to begin with. My company is undergoing a lot of transformations in software and I see the contact keeping functions of ACT! as vital. I just want to verify that it will meet my needs.


Currently, contact information is stored in a Windows folder tree with word documents. Those documents contain conversation logs, multiple contacts with their titles, business related matters with each contact. It's very hard to use and I envision this as being my primary function of ACT! Is it versitile enough enough to attach files to contacts so I can keep the hisorical data, while utilizing it's databasing to go forward?


I want to have a couple people have read access to the database, but probably not necessarily write access. Would I be able to do this in the cheapest $159 version of ACT? Would I need more licenses to have it installed on a couple other machines?


One last thing. Could I just install it on a networked computer and have it share that way, the way I would with an Access DB? Or do I need to put it on a server?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Beginner questions



ACT will certainly organise your documents, attaching them to the relevant contact or company.  The low end version of ACT you mention is OK for this and basic contact management... in fact I have a number of customers still using ACT v6.03 and getting great value  out of it.


If you want to share the database, you will need a multi-user capable version, which means the $159 one might be out the frame. 


Yes you can put it on a shared drive anywhere on the network but you need to be careful to keep the path to shared documents consistent. If you're using the PC that has the database as workstation as well, you'll just need to set up a substitution drive letter on that one.  Easy.


I might have a 5 user licence of ACT v6 on my shelf unsold (I'll check if you're interested).


You can "private message" me if you need more help in detail, or ask here if you like but I might take more time to get back to you through the forum.  Others will help as well, I'm sure.




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Re: Beginner questions

Yes, Yes, Yes. ACT can keep the historical info. for each contact by dates, priority, etc. I can even go back and see what date I entered the contact to the database. I've used ACT since 1995 and would not change a thing. You just have to be disciplined enough to enter the data when it happens and then it is always there, with the contact, easily accessable.

Yes, I do believe you would need additional licenses for other machines to have ACT on them. You can also share ACT databases of choice on a server or on a 'host' computer that someone maintains the main database.


Enjoy ACTing!