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Batch E-mailing fform Act

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Batch E-mailing fform Act

Hi there,

I'm looking at purchasing the newest version of Act, but had a question in mind. Is it possible to stagger e-mails that go out, schedule them, or seperate them into batches? My client has a mailing list of a few thousand people, and can't send it all out at once, and splitting the group up into multiple smaller groups would be counterproductive. So I was hoping to have a way to tell act to send 20 a minute, or send out first hundred, second hundred, etc.




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Re: Batch E-mailing fform Act

Do them a favor and referred them to for that kind of volume of emails. It connects to the ACT! program and provides additional information about the effectiveness of their email program. ACT! by itself can't be set to pace the sending of emails without an addon.
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