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Basic remote Sync - possible?

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Basic remote Sync - possible?

I just joined new company as a remote user, we have three prople to share (sync) one DB.  I had used and managed ACT! system some years ago - and the trend to higher cost and less functions seems to be continuing. 


Our comapny uses a VPN with no shared server space (i.e. only VPN access is through applications (GroupWise, intranet etc.))


Is there any way to synchronize just the data (not e-mail or attached documents)- the only reference is a 17 page white paper, requiring Act Premium, and also (in reality) some IT support.  In all all I can see are solutions that cost 3 + times what ACT basic costs annually.  I do not make the buying and IT decisions - so "just spend more money and more resources" is not really an option.


Here is how I see it: 


Act $200

 Oh Premium $ 250

Blackberry software (have you seen Palm market share for corporate users?) $240 per year

(external hosting $ 300+)

IT support (I hour per month ~ $ 50 x 12 - $600 - / 3 200)


$700 to $1 000 / year (new version every year right ) - per user.



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Re: Basic remote Sync - possible?

Yes, you can select not to sync supplemental files (attachments, etc) without the Premium version as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
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Follow up to - Re: Basic remote Sync - possible?

Hello Again :


As I mentioned in my original post we use a VPN but only via an application - we can not "see" the server files via the vpn.


Since the person I need to sync with is also remote - there is no way to set up a direct network connection.


Is there is no way to e-mail a file that we can sync to? Or some other basic method of sync. 


We do meet on a monthly basis - can you sync over a PTP WiFi or USB connection?


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Follow up to - Re: Basic remote Sync - possible?

If you can't configure it to see files, it's not really a VPN...


You can sync over any method where you can create a network connection to the other P, so the monthly meet would work.


You might look at using Hamachi between the two of you as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -