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Backup with ACT Scheduler

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Backup with ACT Scheduler

When I manually make a back up (to a folder on the local drive that is then backed up at Carbonite) the back up shows as a Zip file with the name of the DB. When I set up ACT Scheduler to do the same, it shows as a Zip file with the name of the DB with a long sequence of letters and numbers. Why does it have this "tag" and is it a good, safe, back up?

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Re: Backup with ACT Scheduler

The tag has the date and time... this is so the scheduler won't overwrite with each backup to the same folder.
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Re: Backup with ACT Scheduler

Mike I know this was from a long time ago - but is there a better option? I am sure the original poster was asking because this generates 30 seperate folders each month which are HUGE (depending upon database size).

It means manually going in and purging the backups. I would have thought there was a better way to automatically backup with out the data and time (and other letters).


What worries me is, I think I remember in the past hearing that you must use this backup scheduler to get a "good" backup since the database services are running which would negatively affect a standard backup.


Sorry to be digging so far back ;-)

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Re: Backup with ACT Scheduler

The ACT! backups are sent to a single folder that you select and you can specify the number of backups to keep. I typically set that to 10. once 10 backups are saved the scheduler removes the oldest backup to make room for the new backup.


Most third party backup utilities won't backup and database ADF and ALF files unless you stop the SQL server before doing the backup.


I suspect that you are mistaking the ACT! backup files for separate folders because Windows Explorer displays ZIP files as both folders (because they contain multiple files) and individule files.

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