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Backup Problems

Tuned Listener
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Backup Problems

I recently came to Act 10 from Goldmine. I transferred all of the history, e-mails, attachments, etc using Migrate Admin.


What I found was that in the migration process what started out as 7,000 attachment files in Goldmine grew to over 100,000 in Act. I have been told that this is because it is an SQL program vs a database program.


One of the impacts is that the attachments folder is so large I have been unable to get through a backup. It takes 15 hours to get about 2/3 of the way through. At that point because I have to use ACT I'll stop the backup.


I have deleted the partial backup zip files, turned off virus protection & turned off Carbonite while I have tried to backup but it still takes way to long.

Act technical support solution is to  cut the attachments folder and paste it somewhere else, backup and then recut & paste the attachments folder back into ACT.


I've done this & it works but obviously isn't a very good practice or long term solution.


Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?





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Re: Backup Problems

Only way around it is to reduce the amount of attachments.


You can delete old data older than a number of days on notes/history.  That will also delete the attachments if they're linked to notes/history.


Tools -> Database Maintenance -> Remove Old Data