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Backing up Database to a Google Account

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Backing up Database to a Google Account

We currently have ACT! Pro v. that we run on a network in an office. My boss currently uses ACT on her smartphone also, but she wanted to know if she could back-up our ACT database to a Google account so she can access it through the Google account linked to her smartphone. Is that something we can do? Could someone contact me about our options?
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Re: Backing up Database to a Google Account

Here are a couple of things you could try.


1) you can't technically "backup an ACT datase to a google drive or account and have it work.

2) you could sync the contacts to a google account using either the built in google sync, or with a 3rd party product called Companion link


You could have your database hosted and access the database via ACT premium mobile on a phone or tablet.  


You could use a product called Handheld Contact to actually sync the database to an "app" on the phone. (


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