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Back up Database

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Back up Database



I have been in trouble for this situation for a day. I did something wrong in database A, and I do have a backup for database A in my loptop. I don't want to use the backup file to replace database A. I just wanna copy some contacts from the backup database to database A. I can export and then import, but I will lose notes in this way. Is there a way to deal with this problem? Thank you.



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Re: Back up Database

If the contacts in the backup database are not in database A, you can:
- open backup database
- perform Lookup to show only the desired contacts in the Contact List view
- export only those contacts using: File > Export > database to database > Contact records > select 'Current Lookup' option.

This should include the notes.

Note: Always create a backup of the target database (A in this case) before performing an import/export.
Greg Martin