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I have a Client that uses !Act 2009. He Upgraded to From Act 2008, at that time I was having him use a Batch File to back all of his data to an external drive. Worked fine until he upgraded to v 2009.

Here is the Problem:

Act loads the database when windows loads (before it did not).

When the user does a backup Now, the file is stating “THE FILE IS IN USE” and is skipped, as before it was not and the backup worked fine.
Is there a way to stop act from loading at startup?
Or can I stop the service running Act, backup the file, and start it again? Will this work?



Let me explain a little bit more. This is a very simple backup and restores Operation for the end user.
I backup the whole data directory C:/Data, and copy that using a batch file, to an external drive.
In this case G:/Data.
My command switch in Xcopy I have been using is "Overwrite".  
When this operation is completed, the client takes the external drive and moves it to a laptop; the end user then executes a restore batch file using the same command except its backward. Once completed the Directory is exactly the same as the desktop, when he returns from business trips he then uses a backup batch file to backup to the external drive and then uses a restore on the desktop to copy the new data back.
Whew!  Still with me?
All I need to do is copy the current database that is being used.  The problem backing up the file now is act never "unloads" the data base anymore, to allow me to backup the files in the act directory when the program is closed.


Any Help would be Awesome! 

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Hello silverhelix01,


First let me say that I am not a technician, just a user.


Personally I use the backup that comes with ACT.  It is a ZIP process. 


Every night I run the program and then my backup program puts a copy on my external drive and another copy on our corporate "shared" drive. 


I assume you are talking about a single user.

John Purdy
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I agree with John,


Use ACT! backup utility.






Then do Restore As..

Cheers - FSB

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