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Avoiding accidental changes

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Avoiding accidental changes

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Is there any way to avoid a user from accidently changing data.  Act does not prompt before saving which may cause someone to make changes without noticing.




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Re: Avoiding accidental changes

Unfortunately, there isn't an option that will prompt users before making changes within the database. 


Please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -

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Re: Avoiding accidental changes

No, ACT! does not have a prompt to approve changes when a field is edited..  If you are using ACT! Premium, you can make some fields read-only for selected users if you do not want them to change the data in that field.  This is done from Tools/Define Fields and choosing the Field Security option.  Another possibility is to use Field Triggers to initiate a process or executable when a field is could set this up for select, critical fields. This option is also under Tools/Define fields and is the last screen you see when you are creating a new field or editing an existing one.

Greig Hollister

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