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Avery 8164 Label Template

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Avery 8164 Label Template

My ACT! 11.0 does not have the Avery 8164 label template I was wondering if anyone has it and can I get a copy?
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Re: Avery 8164 Label Template



It would probably be easier to just create one.

  1. Reports | New Template
  2. Report Types: Contact Reports
  3. Templates: Contact Labels
  4. Choose a Lable Product that is close to the one you will be creating
  5. Change your dimensions
  6. Click OK
  7. Add Fields and whatever
  8. File | Save As whatever (I would follow the naming format that Act! uses to be compatible)

That should do it.  Hope this helps.



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Re: Avery 8164 Label Template

Hi there-


I'm a different user.  I have been trying that repeatedly, but the fields do not print out well.  There are odd spaces between fields, the fields are not aligned (when I have used the align tool to align them), the comma (which is "text" as opposed to field) does not relate well to the "City" and "State" field, the city doesn't print in one line, etc. etc. etc.  Any tips?