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Automatic field calculations and temp directory

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Automatic field calculations and temp directory

I am using the add on Automatic field calculations ( Exponenciel) in Act V18 and recently noticed that the add-on is quickly filling up the user/.../temp directory with temporary .calc files. I have asked Exponenciel and they say these temp files should be automatically removed after the calculation has finished. Is this perhaps a problem in Act itself? How can I make sure the temp file is emptied after the calculations are finished?

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Re: Automatic field calculations and temp directory

Hi maris,

As far I'm aware,.calc files are not a part of normal Act operation at all, they aren't used in any way by the base Act program - so it's not likely to be a part of the Act! install causing the problem, it definitely sounds like an issue with the addin unfortunately. Exponenciel should be able to help you with this.