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Automate Tasks

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Automate Tasks

Does anybody know how to automate some of the tasks in ACT. In my older version you could create macros, I had a friend write some scripts to automate some tasks, search contact records and fill in fields in another record, add spouses name to the salutation field, etc.
This really made it easy for me because of the type of business I am in and quick to finish a new record. I tried the scripts but they do not work in Ver. 10.
Can you write macros or is there any script writing software out there. I am not real tecky and do not want to get in over my head.
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Re: Automate Tasks

ACT! cannot run "macros" per se.  You can write a plug-in (or have your friend write a plugin) which has access to the ACT! SDK and can manipulate data and display forms etc.
You may want to direct your fiend to check out which is the developer focused community site.
A good start is to look at Xavier's excellent PPT on the subject.
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