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Auto populate new contact fields from Company information

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Auto populate new contact fields from Company information

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You rlast post is a bit unclear?

If you already have 1000 Companies in your ACT!(version?) db, then what part of ACT! are these record in?

Companies?  or Contacts?

If in the Companies part of ACT!, then view in List Mode.

Assuming this data is in your Company side of ACT!(version?) db, then do you have any contacts listed in the Contacts TAB.


I don;t know if this is possible but

If you can export your existing Company data to excell, assuming there are Contact names ?,

 Then you may be able to re-import things into the Contact side of ACT!

  Then if necessary, you may have more success using a add-on like Copmpany Wizard to get it all right?


Oh yeah-  if your export to excell yields Contact names, you could use a tool like egrabbers address grabber or list grabber to reload info back into perhaps a new ACT! db.. ? Broadlooks Contact Capture would do it for free. Just guessing?


Sounds above my head, so recommend checking out these add-on options  


Maybe Company Wizard?

  and stay on this forum for more assist. Cheers - FSB



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