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Auto Update Multiple Records

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Auto Update Multiple Records

We need a way of auto updating multiple records.  I should be able to highlight a group of records from the list view and mark them all as "hot" or "bad address" or say all of these are from "Springfield, Ca" ...I should be able to mark any of the existing field with the same value for a group of records.  


This is a basic excel/database feature, which act can't do.  For example if somebody has a X in a certain field, I can mark everyone with the X very easily in Excel or in Access w/ Table view.  Right now the only way I know how to batch update records is one at a time.  The other solution is to export the data into excel, batch update the records and then import them back and risk polluting the database with duplicates. 


Right now ACT! allows you to batch update records with history and activities, but I do not see a way of batch updating the record information itself.  


If anyone knows of a solution, let me know.



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Re: Auto Update Multiple Records

Lookup the record, then Edit | Replace


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