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Auto Text & Back-up Failure

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Auto Text & Back-up Failure


I had a hard drive fail recently, so had to reinstall Act Pro, update 6. I have two issues:

#1 Wanted to do an Act! update it recommends doing a back-up, but when I do it gives me the following error:

Act Backup Error.JPG

There is a message on this board that says to "Share" the database, which I tried, but I still get the same error. I have rebooted my computer, restarted Act! with nothing else running (that I know of) and even taken off the check mark for "Include Attachments" did the Database Maintenance but can't back up the database. I am not putting in a password. Any suggestions?


#2 When I open up a Word document from inside Act! my auto text I have saved in the do not work, is there another template that Act! uses? I am using Word 2010. Any suggestions for that?

Thank you in advance!

Dave Bisbee


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Re: Auto Text & Back-up Failure

Hi dbisbee,


See this KB -


You have the following file open...




Find it and perhaps delete it.

David Shaw
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Re: Auto Text & Back-up Failure

As david says, it's usually due to a file being open in another process. Try closing any other programs that might be 'tying up' files in your database folder.

If this doesn't work, simplest solution is usually to simply restart the PC. If the issue persists even after restarting, check that you've got enough space on your hardrive to create the backup! You usually need around about double the size of the final backup file free, since the backup process copies the files first.

With regards to your second issue - I'm not familiar with using a custom - but if you'd like to have a prefilled document, you can create a whole range of customised template using Act! templates from the Write menu.
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Re: Auto Text & Back-up Failure

David, you were right, there were three files that were running in the SQL Server, not easy to close. I went to the SQL Server Manager and closed all files and still had a problem, because if they are running in the SQL server you cannot delete them. I rebooted about 5 times and finally got the back up to take.

Thanks for your help.


Any suggestions for the auto text issue?