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Auto Login after reboot

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Auto Login after reboot

We have a remote server 2008 stored in a secure location. No monitor , keyboard etc etc.only network


Is there an option to auto login to Act (11) when the program is launched ( required for sync ? )


Currently the program is set to launch when windows starts, but it always requires a user and password  which means that when the server is rebooted someone has to Remote Desktop into the server and manually log in. Otherwise the sync function dosn't not work.


With the amount of updates being fired out by M$ the server reboots on a regular basis and it becomes a pain having to administer this manual log in.





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Re: Auto Login after reboot

Unfortunately not with the Standard version of ACT!.  Upgrading the Premium will give you the option to install sync services that doesn't require you to log into Windows or open ACT!