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Auto Dialer not working on my new version of Act Pro

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Auto Dialer not working on my new version of Act Pro

I recently purchased ACT PRO, and had the auto dialer feature working several times.  Now it does not work at all, after trying to run it again.

I've done the below, and it work for a while. Now not working at all?  Can anyone help with this one?

Setting Up the Dialer

This topic explains how to set preferences that enable the Dialer to work with your telephone or modem.

Do You Want To...

Set up dialer preferences

From the Tools menu, click Preferences.

In the Preferences dialog box:

Click the Communication tab.

Click Dialer Preferences.

Click Use Dialer.

Select your modem or telephone line from the Modem or line list.

 Click Setup to configure the line.

 Note: If your modem or telephone is not listed, make sure that the driver software was correctly installed. Depending on the software used, a dialog box may appear. For more information, see your modem or telephony software documentation or Windows online Help.

 To change the default area code from which you make calls: From the Location list, click Properties.

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Re: Auto Dialer not working on my new version of Act Pro

The first thing you would want to do is make sure that the Windows Dialer works. Since Act! is actually using the Windows Dialer to make calls, if the Windows Dialer is not working, then the Act! dialer will not either. See the following knowledgebase article for more information:

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