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Attaching Emails

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Attaching Emails

I have multiple records that share the same email address (dont ask! - there is a good reason for it).  When I send an email it therefore attaches the email history to every one of the records rather than the person's record that I click on.  Is there a way round this?
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Re: Attaching Emails



If I understand correctly, you have a generic email address held by more than one contact. You would like to record email correspondence to only one contact while retaining the email address on all contacts.


If one contact is the primary holder of the email address then keep this email address within the email field. Then create a new custom field perhaps called "Secondary Email" and move the generic email address on all the other contacts to this new location. In effect this new field will just be a memo to the user reminding him/ her that this is the email address where the contact can be reached.


I hope this helps.




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