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Associate "Last Result" field with an opportunity?

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Associate "Last Result" field with an opportunity?



I have to provide some new weekly reporting to my management and Act reporting could go a long way to making it expeditious to create those reports.


One item I cannot sort out is whether there is a way to associate a Last Results entry to a specific opportunity.


The issue is it is common for me to have a single contact associated with three or four open opportunities simultaneously.  Each is a different product and lcose date, but all are being actively discussed.


So, is there a way to have a Last Results field that is tied to each opportunity? 


I would be OK having, say, four, Last Results fields in the contact screen, one for each opportunity.


Or am I looking at this backwards and I should create a "Last Result" field within the opportunity itself?


Ultimate goal is a report indicating the opportunity, activity completed for that opportunity, and the results/notes/next steps for the completed activity noted in the Last results field.


Using Act Pro 16.3.11 if it matters.




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Re: Associate "Last Result" field with an opportunity?

If I understand what you want to do, you won't be able to achieve it using the ACT! reports. The opportunities part of the ACT! reports is very weak. With the Durkin Impact reports it would be possible to create an opportunity report that would show each of the contacts connected to an opportunity along with the last results field for each contact.
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Re: Associate "Last Result" field with an opportunity?

The route I go as the history reporting from opportunities is very poor is to create a memo field in the opportunity.


Now you can see the accumulated actions and put them into reports.