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Assigning Shortcut Keys to Tabs and Layouts

Nickel Contributor
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Assigning Shortcut Keys to Tabs and Layouts

It appears someone dropped the ball again.
I can see that the "NOTES, ACTIVITIES, HISTORY etc". can have shortcut keys, but why can't we, as customers of ACT!, have that ability to assign shortcut keys to any new tabs that we create?
Also,  why can't that be done with layouts also? It kind of stinks that i cannot choose something from a dropdown list and not INSTANTANEOUSLY Trigger another layout to appear. 
In addition,  the one thing that peeves me more than anything is that we cannot delete all tabs on newly created layouts.  In other words,  suppose I want a layout without ANY tabs and have it be blank.  Why can't I do that?  Also, why can't I have smaller more compact forms/layouts for smaller chunks of information?  In other words, mini forms!!!   It appears the only way I can do this is with programs like or HTML applications, but then I have to tie fields to ACT's database which I don't know how to do.
Oh well,  that's the reason why I order the oldest version from a reseller so I don't give ACT! the satisfaction of full price.  Kind of a way of sticking it to them since I was nearly devastated from ACT 2005.
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Re: Assigning Shortcut Keys to Tabs and Layouts

Yes, I agree shortcuts for tabs would be good... they were there in ACT! 6.0
You should request this here -
Not sure why you'd want no tabs? Or how many people would want this for Sage to spend the R&D?
By ordering older versions, you also mis out on the fixes and enhancements that have been added. Without a doubt, 10.01 is the best version of ACT! so far