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Argh! Act Pro 2013 and native Internet Email (SMTP)

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Argh! Act Pro 2013 and native Internet Email (SMTP)



Terrible trouble on a PC.

Due to it being v15.0 & running Outlook 2013 then the Outlook client cannot be seen (OK, we get that, & why but have not obtained 15.1 update yet - is there a cost for this or is free?)


So, I'm attempting to use the inbuilt client to a simple SMTP server on the PC itself to email out. This SMTP server is running, we can send via Telenet, we can configure an SMTP account in Outlook 2013 and send through that. All ports are standard 25 and no authentication is required. That is how basic it is.


But the Act client will not connect:

Failed to find outgoing server

Failed to find incoming server

Failed to send test e-mail.


The email server has been tried with both the machine's IP and

Firewall has been disabled.

When Firewall enabled the ports are OK (and Outlook & telnet work fine anyway).

I have even added the Actemail.exe app to the firewall.


Still no connection.


What am I missing?


Many thanks.



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Re: Argh! Act Pro 2013 and native Internet Email (SMTP)

For your first question about whether 15.1 is free or not, if you already have Act! 2013 (15.0), you can download 15.1 for free at 


However, while there is a possible work around for getting Office 2013 to work with Act! 2013 (15.0),  please bear in mind that integration between Office 2013 and Act! 2013 (15.1) is not supported, so there is no guarantee that it will work for sure, but it's definitely worth a shot.


Only integration between Outlook 2013 and Act! v16 and higher is supported. For more information on supported integrations, and a possible workaround for getting Office 2013 to work with Act! 2013 (15.1), refer to the following knowledgebase articles:


Supported Versions of Outlook:

Possible workaround:



Now for  your next question about the Internet Mail, I know you mentioned that you were using outgoing port 25, but are you also using incoming port 110? Additionally, does your mail server block the use of open relay e-mail accounts? If so, even if you are using Ports 25 and 110, it will not work. 


For more information on Internet Mail, refer to the following knowledgebase aritcle:

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