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Apply Documents tab functions to new tab?

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Apply Documents tab functions to new tab?

We have saved numerous photos of our clients landscaping. We now want to save the photos on each customer's record in ACT. I know we can save the photos on the Documents tab, but we would like to have them saved on a Photos tab that I will create.  Can I apply the properties from the Documents tab to the new Photos tab? If so, how?
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Re: Apply Documents tab functions to new tab?

I don't know of any way to create another Documents Tab that mimics the functionality of the existing Tab within ACT! without reverting to custom code or an addon.  There are a number of talented ACT! addon developers that are probably very capable of writing such an addon.


There's also an addon called "PicturePlus for ACT!" that may be exatcly what you're looking for - you can see and try and buy it at it's $39.95 per user and you need a license for each computer that would need to see the pictures.


If you want 'quick and simple", though, remember that you can attach documents to 2 different Tabs - the History Tab and the Document Tab.  You could have a policy among the users that only photos go on the Documents Tab and all other attachments go on the History Tab. 


2nd Option:  There is a field type of Picture - I don't know how many photos you're talking about per record, but you could define another Tab called Photos with one or several fields of type Picture that would actually appear when you landed on the Tab.  I don't personally know the impact of having several picture fields on a a Tab and how that affects the speed of rendering - but you might try that in a test database.


So there's a custom, a $ and two FREE solutions to the problem.