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Any way to Update Linked Contacts en masse

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Any way to Update Linked Contacts en masse

ACT! 2010

Client has added new field to Contact and linked it to existing populated field in Company, would like ACT! to run through ALL Companies and update ALL linked Contacts with the contents of that field, not one Company at a time.  Anyway to do this?

Exponenciel sells a product called Automatic Member Synchronization for ACT! 2009 and earlier that includs such a 'Batch update' mode but I can't get an answer on why it hasn't been updated to support ACT! 2010/2011/2012.

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Re: Any way to Update Linked Contacts en masse

To the best of my knowledge, ACT can't do this out of the box, based on prior posts I've read that are similar.


I believe you will need a 3rd party program or the help of a consultant.

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