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Analysing History Records in Excel

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Analysing History Records in Excel



I'm trying to get to grips with doing some basic analysis on Sales Activities logged in Act 2010 in Excel 2007.


I can set up the OLEDB connection and get data directly from the tables, although I can't find any way to link the tables so that, for example, I can see history records by contact.


Having looked through the help file, it says:


"To Join Views together, you must identify the “key field” for each View and associate it to its corresponding field in another View. In the above example, join the CONTACTID in the CONTACT View to the CONTACTID in the CONTACT_HISTORY View, and the HISTORYID in the HISTORY View to the HISTORYID in the CONTACT_HISTORY View."


The only problem is that accessing the data in the CONTACT view from OLEDB doesn't give me a CONTACTID. I can't therefore create any joins. I only have a rudimentary knowledge of this sort of coding - but am I missing something obvious>


Where I'm trying to get to (without buying an add-on) is to assess the history records of the contact database to track sales activity.


Can anyone help please?


Thank you in advance.



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Re: Analysing History Records in Excel

I have exactly the same problem.


I have set up the OLEDB provider, I can connect to the tables but there is no contact ID to select, I can see it in Crystal Reports.  I would like to be able to create a contact report using Excel that all of our users could run.