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An easy export solution?

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An easy export solution?

I have about 4000 contacts in my ACT Pro V20 and use Deja as the phone app for them.  I have a Droid phone as well and my work uses Google everywhere so I have many duplicate contacts in the Droid's "Contacts" dbase.  Two questions and yes, I am an admitted contact hoarder:


1. When I sync ACT with Deja, is there a way to do the same with the Droid contacts so that they stay up to date as well?

2. Other than being able to "favorite or star" frequently used numbers, is there any reason not to delete all the Droid contacts?  Or, after deleting them, couldn't I just enter those 15-20 favorite numbers in the Droid contacts and let that be it?  





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Re: An easy export solution?

Interesting questions, it would be good to consult that directly with the DEJA support team  CLICK HERE


I regularly suggest synchronizing the Act! Database. with only one device or service, if you then synchronize that second device or service with a third party ... possibly by repeating the process it will duplicate the contacts and activities, this because the identified field of the records is different for the third parties .. .

Anyway I suggest consulting directly with the manufacturer of DEJA.


Good luck and best regards...   Praxi Solutions Inc