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Alternative to Close to keep track of "inactive" or "qualified-out" opportunities

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Alternative to Close to keep track of "inactive" or "qualified-out" opportunities

When I complained to a business colleague that the problem with ACT! pipeline is that dormant or qualified-out opportunities are deleted from the pipeline view so that you no longer have a view of the history, he said that rather than use the ACT! "Status" (Opn/Closed Won/Closed Lost/Inactive) he has added an extra stage Process/Stage "Qualified Out/Inactive" which then appears at the bottom of the funnel, so that he can look back easily at the history. The object of course is to review the history to see what worked and what did not, and to look at the qualified-out ratios.


I did the same. Of course it works, but it does seem rather clunky, because the funnel shows "Qualified Out/Inactive" at the bottom tip of the funnel, immediately beneath Sales Fulfilment !


Can anyone suggest a better way to be able to take a quick view of inactive and qualified-out opportunities?


Thanks for your help !

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Re: Alternative to Close to keep track of "inactive" or "qualified-out" opportunities

I run across this alot with orgs, and I'll tell you what we've done.  First, we ignore the "Status" radio buttons all-to-gether, and in place of that we've added Stages to mirror what once was the Status - like you mentioned in your post.  The Stage then becomes the driver for all the Opps, and Status is just ignored.


Also, we don't use the funnel, because graphically it does not make sense - the top is always the widest, even if there's only 1 in the top level and 100 in the bottom - I like graphs and charts better, as they represent visually a more accurate pipeline.


Furthermore, what we've done is to either customize the built-in ACT Dashboard by writing custom SQL into the dashboard XML file, or, an easier and more complete solution is to use TopLine Dashboard - a great tool for adding reporting to ACT.


Hope this helps, but it sounds like you're on the right track (at least in my opinion).  The ACT Dashboard is a quick-view of Opportunities, and TopLine is a more detailed view (which also exports to Excel).

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant