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All companies to have dynamic members

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All companies to have dynamic members



We've imported around 8,000 contacts from around 5,000 different companies into Act! 2010. I used a .csv file to import them, and I want all the companies to dynamically link to their relevant contacts. I can make lookups to do this, however the idea of doing it 5,000 times REALLY doesn't appeal...


Is there any way to set up a lookup that uses the 'Company' field of each company to create the lookup? Instead of selecting to:

lookup all 'contact' with their 'company' field is 'equal to' 'example company'


I want to do something like:

lookup all 'contact' with their 'company' field is 'equal to' '<company>'


I have tried using <company> in the value field, but it doesn't work. Is there any other way to do this, and then save the query? Or better still, a way to set all the companies with this <company> style lookup in one hit, so I don't have to load the lookup in each company?


Hopefully all this makes sense. If not, please ask, I really want to sort this out.


Thank you for your time,