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All Contacts Deleted - not by me; CompanionLink maybe?

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All Contacts Deleted - not by me; CompanionLink maybe?

Eek! I open my database and discovered all but 4 contacts were deleted (over a 1000). 


I am the only user and I did not delete it (long time user - know how to delete and the permanency of delete).


Checking the history, I discovered to huge deletes in the middle of the night. 


The first one is on 5/3/10 with time spanning from 2:21 AM - 2:28 AM deleting about 150 contacts.


The second one is on 5/21/2010 with time spanning from 4:51 am to 4:53 am deleting about 970 contacts.


There are a handful of contacts deleted between the two mass deletes that look legitimate (work day times and about 10/20 at a time - I am cleaning up the database).


My biggest concern is the mass delete of over 970 contacts.  My husband suggested Companion Link might be suspect.


I know there is no recovery from this - just restore from a back up.  Please correct me if there is a solution for recovery as my backup is older than desirable.  


My question is what happened?  So I can prevent it from happening again.  I cannot afford this happening again and now I have lost trust in ACT! and the whole system. 


I am new to ACT! 2010, is there a log report I can look at for more information?


Have you heard of this before / or did it happen to you?  Ideas on safeguarding for future? 


My system set up - is ACT! to Companion Link to Google to iPhone and back.


I still have the contacts on the iPhone and in Google.  I have disabled Companion Link for the moment to protect that data.



WIN 7 Ultimate

ACT! 2010 v12.1.181.0

Companion Link v3.00.0000

Microsoft Office / Outlook 2007 (12.0.6514.5000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6529.5000)

iPhone 3G v3.1.3 (7E18) – replaced iPhone with same type/version 5/18/10


Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.



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Re: All Contacts Deleted - not by me; CompanionLink maybe?

Hi Csolinc,

CompanionLink shouldn’t be deleting the contacts from ACT!. You mentioned you swapped you iPhone out a few days before you noticed the mass deletions - that may have something to do with it. The good news is that there may be a way to recover the contacts if they are still present in Google/iPhone. The best thing to do would be to contact our technical support team and we will be able to help get this taken care of.

Give us a call M-F 7am-4pm at 503-243-5200, and we can troubleshoot with you.

Kaena M
CompanionLink Software
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Re: All Contacts Deleted - not by me; CompanionLink maybe?

In my case, last week SAGE ACT deleted 1 contact but the only information that remained was the name. All else gone.

This week again deleted another different contact. And I dont know what can be.


Can you help me with this problem?

Im from México City. 


The SAGE ACT version for my company is:

Sage ACT Premium WEB 2011 13.0.401.0


Thanks in advance.