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Advice re: grouping companies

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Advice re: grouping companies

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I realise companies can't be grouped but I was hoping to get advice on what appear to be the best solutions to this issue.

It seems the 'grouping companies' question has been asked quite a lot and clearly the answer depends on how the user will relate to companies and contacts. That said, it seems that frequent responses include one of two suggestions.


  1. 'Nesting', whereby a company record is set up called 'London Companies' (for example) and all companies in London are added to it one way or another.
  2. Companies are imported as companies as usual but they are also imported as individual contacts. Companies are then able to be grouped in the same way as contacts.

I have opted for the second option largely because the way I'll be using Act! will require companies to be in multiple groups at once. So, not only will I want one group containing all companies in London, I will want several other groups containing all groups in London that offer this service or offer that service or who have which membership with us and so on...


As someone who is brand new to Act! and with no previous experience I am wondering if this is the best decision for me to make before I move ahead with this database design.