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Advice on Upgrade from Act 2000

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Advice on Upgrade from Act 2000

We have a small business and are running ACT! 2000 along with Office/Outlook 2000, on Windows XP.  We would like to upgrade to Office 2003 and also to a newer version of ACT, but not necessarily the newest one.  We have a custom layout that we use to generate letters and contracts.  I am not using the integrated Outlook features currently, because I have found it easier to manage emails in Outlook.  What I do now (warning: you will cringe) is I have my assistant copy & paste the text of the important emails from Outlook into the ACT notes.  We want a stable, robust version of ACT which will enable better integration between ACT and Outlook.  We also do project management and would like to use ACT for that if possible.  Would appreciate honest advice about the best version of ACT "out there", since we plan on doing this upgrade and then not upgrading for a while after that because we have limited funds to spend on technical help.


Thank you! 

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Re: Advice on Upgrade from Act 2000

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Re: Advice on Upgrade from Act 2000

Good morning.  I agree with Mike.  The best version is currently ACT 2010.  The lookup speed has finally been fixed and makes using ACT a pleasure.  Regarding yoru eMails -- I didn't cringe, but no longer use the ACT eMail -- you might want to consider using an addon called eMailConnectPro.  I've been using it for two years and it makes the management of eMails a pleasure.  It is no longer an all or nothing.


While in Outlook you can attach the eMail to the sender, attach to any specified contact, group or company all with one click.  It also removes all the issues from doing eMail merges as well. 


I am not am employee of CRM-Service nor a consultant. 


If you are concerned about the upgrade, don't forget a lot of ACT consultants visit this board and are a good resource for helping you do the upgrade. 

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