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Advanced Query

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Advanced Query

Hello all,


I have recently imported a list of contacts from an excel spreadsheet into an ACT 2010 database. Each contact has a title, company name, physical address, and email address. 


My goal is to create a lookup that has only one contact per company. As to who that one contact is, I want it to be a hierarchy of titles starting with marketing, then owner, associate, etc. So if there is someone with the title of marketing, they would be the one contact listed for that company. If there is no one with the marketing title, the contact with the owner title would appear instead, and so on.  Also, if there is no match in the title for a particular company, the lookup should include one contact for each company regardless of their title. 


Hopefully this makes sense? Is there a method that would work in order to get the lookup in attempting to get?





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Re: Advanced Query

Hello Matt.  While the advanced lookup provides excellent nesting for a lookup using and/or criteria, it does not use boolean logic.


I think the best way is to add a yes/no box next to the title as you enter contact information, so that you control the lookup by searching on that checked box.  If you have a lot of contacts in your db, you could do a lookup of all contacts with the term "marketing" in their title and then do a group field update and check the yes/no.


For the other titles, you would do a similar lookup but exclude the other titles.  For example:


Title "does not contain" "Marketing" and "contains' "Owner"


Hope that helps.

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