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Advanced Query of Notes Field

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Advanced Query of Notes Field

I have ACT 2011

I understand you can search the "Notes field"  for Keywords

I would like to search multiple fields with the Advanced Query option with boolean logic (And/Or statements) but I am surprised there is no way to search the "Notes" field from advanced query.


I need to search, the following fields Title and Notes and build boolean logic around this.

I can do Title Search easily on Advanced Query but I can not do Notes Search other than Keyword search.


If there a way to add the "Notes Field" to the list on "Advanced Queries?"

Is there a way to Build Boolean Logic around the Notes Field?



Scott Gilbert


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Re: Advanced Query of Notes Field

This can be achieved using the ACT! 2010/2011 datachart component...


You probably want to download the DevNet SQL chart component as it is easier to edit the queries...


There is no facility for adding notes to the Advanced Query tool...

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Re: Advanced Query of Notes Field

Hi Scott,


Thanks for your reply.  I did check this out. 


The DevNet SQL Component  does allow you to search Notes but it still DOES NOT allow you to create a "subset of your contacts" to be saved or used for emailing purposes.


My goal is to search fields for key words or companies in my Title Field, and Notes Field and/or other fields.

The Notes Field is integral in my sales/database usage.


I am very disappointed that a 6 year old version of Goldmine has more functionality than the 2011 version of ACT!


Best Regards,