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Advanced Query 'Does Not Contain' Logic Needed

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Advanced Query 'Does Not Contain' Logic Needed

Am I the only one who feels that the Advanced Query in ACT! 2007 is missing a 'Does Not Contain' operator to go with the 'Contains' operator?  We want to lookup ID/Status field containing a certain value, then narrow by records that do NOT contain certain values.

So far I have had to export to Excel and apply advanced formulas to accomplish this.  Is there another way I am missing or is there a developer add-on solution for this?



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Re: Advanced Query 'Does Not Contain' Logic Needed

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They have greatly improved the options here for 2009. With the new platinum care promotion, it's almost a no brainer.  One thing still on the wish list though is a "NOT" criteria in addition to "AND" or "OR". With that we could do just about anything.


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