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Advanced Lookup Help

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Advanced Lookup Help

I am trying to do a lookup of 2 sets of zip codes and only with my "public" records.  The zip code sets for example are:

zip codes greater than or equal to 10001 and less than or equal to 30003


zip codes greater than or equal to 50005 and less than or equal to 60006


access level contains public.


This setup returns the correct zip codes, but also includes private contacts.


I have other advanced lookups that include only one "set" of zip codes to look for with the "public" line as well and it works fine. 


I have tried unsuccessfully to attach a screen shot.  I have a picture of the screen if you think it will help I can email to you.

Thank you for the help.



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Re: Advanced Lookup Help

My guess is that you are not grouping the query elements with parenthesis to control the order of evaluation of the query.
Roy Laudenslager
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