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Advance Lookup

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Advance Lookup

Is there anyway of creating an advanced lookup based upon lets say a "History Event" of a "Letter Sent"? and then sorting by a specific date range?



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Re: Advance Lookup

You can perform a lookup on most fields in the database. Right click on the field, such as "Letter Date" and then select the search function. From there you can select the appropriate date function. This would deliver a selection of records matching your criteria.
Neil Gilford
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Re: Advance Lookup

On the contact dashboard there is a History tab and all the activities that have occurred with that contact are there.  What I would like to do is simply create a lookup based upon a letter sent on a given day that is recorded there.
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Re: Advance Lookup

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Here is one way - (there is more than one).



 Keyword Search

   Search for:  EnewsLetter

     (look in:  select:  Activities and History)  (contacts select;  All Contacts)


Click Find Now

  Create Lookup

Then search for your desired Date(assuming the date format the same?)

 Search For:  03-11-2008

   (Look in : select; Activities and History ) (Contacts select;  Current Lookup)

Select Find Now.


that is just one way - may not be the best?



You can also Schedule these Mailing EVENTS and do lookup on those criteria.

If you add/schedule a Custom Event such as EnewsLetter Mailing

 You can use your Activities Tab  and select a Specific Date



Also - 


 Contact Activity   option



From your History Tab - You can select specific Dates


Cheers - FSB






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